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Louis Vuitton Factory-St-Pourcain

Architecture France

Louis Vuitton factory

Saint Pourcain sur Sioul (03)

Opened in 2020, the 17th French leather goods workshop of the Société des Ateliers Louis Vuitton develops an original design. The town of Saint‐Pourçain‐sur‐Sioule is located in the center of Allier, halfway of Moulins, Vichy and Montluçon. The land belongs to the landscape agricultural sector of Northern Limagne Bourbonnaise. The 6,400 m² workshop develops a reproducible concept, where its performances, constructive, operational responses to a need for increased agility in the industry. It is a heritage project

The project reinforces an industrial anchor strong territorial and preservation of know-how French. Like the meticulous work of leather goods, the workshop is the demonstration precise, manual and intelligent work. The versatility and skill of leatherworkers are required to accommodate the creation of new models and customer requests ever more demanding. Likewise, the workshop must respond to the responsiveness and flexibility necessary for the production. Its architecture responds to manufacturing process, promoting interaction, the exchange between all the employees of the site, their collaboration and communication. The “agile” concept meets three criteria main. Speed of execution, flexibility of use and the capacity for evolution.


Louis Vuitton


Comission Completed

Design team

T/E/S/S Bet structure- enveloppe BETHODE Bet fluides ITAC Bet Acoustique MANTOUT-ARCHITECTURE Bet VRD GRANDES CUISINES INGENIERIE Bet Cuisine Philippe BUISSON Paysagiste


6.426 m² GFA

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