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Assembly, Filters


The architectural language of our projects is specific to our agency culture, attentive to contemporary construction, to the economy of materials, to the fundamental notions of orders, rhythms and compositions.


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The "skin" that protects the interior from the cold or the humidity of the tropical climate is an opportunity to give meaning to the changing play of light. The "skin" is not a motif that hides the misery of the assembly or the incoherent superposition of materials that have nothing to do with each other.
Packaging has nothing to do with assembly; besides collage is the worst thing to do as an architect.

By definition, the building is a composition. It appears as an assembly of interconnected figures.
It is the nature of these connections which characterizes architecture: articulations, joints, gaps, repetitions. In the tropical environment the assembly is in relation with:

Concrete, wood or metal, glass or stone, filters blur the reading of the facade to better reveal the relationship between inside and outside, the mystery of a building.
The filter of a facade weaves the light.
The filter is the subtle and fragile place of exchanges between inside and outside.
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