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ZAC Val Vert–Sud Francilien

Planning france

Development of the South-Paris region, between commercial zones and agricultural land

Sud Francilien (91)

PROGRAM & OBJECTIVES Economic development of the South Paris region, ZAC Val Vert. The project includes the design and construction of all public spaces, the programming of a silo parking lot and equipment (bus station, Valvert house, etc.).
It is located on the edge of an existing commercial zone and agricultural land from which it takes advantage (agroforestry, shared farm, etc.).

FEATURES The project coordinates 3 different scales:
-1 territorial scale: the impact of the Francilienne on local development,
-1 intercommunal scale: 3 linear parks linking the new urban development,
-1 island scale: the Val Vert platform, the bus station, specialized and public facilities. The entire site works around water and energy cycles.


Communauté d'Agglomération du Val d'Orge / SORGEM


under realization

Design team

DE-SO architectes associés / AMT mandataire / ALPHAVILLE programmiste / TECHNI-CITE bet vrd / TRANSFAIRE bet hqe


70 ha

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