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We construct and enhance technology, optimize both materials and their consumption, and promote the development of bio-sourced materials.

Our commitment to ecology extends to encompass a broader perspective, with a particular focus on local sectors.


DE-SO agency comprises tree associates and 30 collaborating architects and urban planners with a presence in Paris, Avignon, and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

Our constant effort is to ensure the reign of matter. Our work pays particular attention to the landscape, to the place where falls with the project.

The interlacing of the use dimensions, of functionality and of materiality are assembled by the drawing and the precise line between geometry and geography.

For fifteen years the agency carries out public, cultural and educational projects, social housing and urban projects in France and Asia.


Our Project Culture

Renowned for diverse expertise in public amenities and town planning, the agency consistently excels in national and international competitions, earning recognition for design and innovation.

Our focus

Navigating Culture, Services
and Urban Planning

Our architectural creations in the realm of culture and education reflect a meticulous consideration of the specific geography and location of each project. The intended uses, functionality, and materials of these projects are anchored in our expertise in drawing, where the synergy of geometry and geography is evident. Engaging in national and international competitions, we contribute to various research fields, ensuring our projects stand out for their design, construction, and innovative qualities.

<p align="justify">In the domain of services and trade, our completed projects epitomize excellence in design, construction, and innovation. The thought processes behind each endeavor showcase our dedication to meticulous project management for flawless execution. Whether creating guiding plans for large territories or undertaking coordination missions, our involvement extends to the enhancement of remarkable sites. Attuned to future challenges in construction and urban environments, we continuously update our skills, incorporating advancements such as HQE and BIM.</p>

<p align="justify">Our commitment to urban planning is evident in our multifaceted approach, from restructuring and large-scale conversions to studying future needs in culture, heritage, and education. Our expertise extends to integration with the local environment, ensuring our projects harmonize seamlessly with their surroundings. Fueled by convictions and ongoing reflection, we strive to develop innovative and ambitious urban planning projects. This commitment extends globally, as demonstrated by the establishment of DE-SO Asia in Hô Chi Minh City, reflecting our dedication to exporting our outlook and expertise, particularly in South-East Asia.</p>

About us

Global Impact
and Innovative Vision

Our drawing mastery, where geometry meets geography, underpins each project's intended uses and materials. Engaging in national and international competitions reflects our diverse research involvement, and completed projects stand out for design, construction, and innovation. Working across diverse sectors, we excel in guiding plans for large territories and enhancing remarkable sites, addressing future challenges through expertise in wood and bio-based materials, restructuring, and seamless integration with local environments. Committed to global impact, DE-SO expanded to South-East Asia in 2016 with DE-SO Asia in Hô Chi Minh City, embodying our dedication to sharing architectural excellence beyond borders.

About us
DE-SO, an innovative architecture studio, seamlessly integrates geography into their projects, emphasizing functionality and materials through expert drawing mastery.
The process

Latest Recognitions

DE-SO has earned prestigious recognition, including the Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes (NAJA), a notable French award for emerging architects. Their success extends to triumphs in three European competitions, showcasing a diverse skill set in public amenities and town planning studies.


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As the complexity of buildings to increase, the field of architecture became multi-disciplinary with technological expertise and discpline.

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